Our Features
  • Top-grade Tesla GPUs: V100 32GB, V100 16GB, P100 16GB
  • High security due to Bare metal access. Only one customer reside on physical server with root access
  • High interconnectivity: 56GB/s Ethernet/Infinityband and NVLINK
  • Full performance due to no virtualization overheads
  • Per-second billing
  • We accept crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum payments
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Instantly Available Bare-metal GPU Servers

Sorry, all instantly available servers are temporary occupied. Please check availability later.

Available by request GPU Servers and Cluster
20-100x P100 Cluster

13 USD/h

4x P100 16GB SXM (NVLINK)

E5-2698RV4, 64GB RAM, SSD400GB,

LAN Ethernet or Infinityband 40Gbit, Internet: 1Gbit shared or dedicated

For long term or high resource volume rentals we provide manually preconfigured servers and clusters with specified image and hardware configuration. Our infrastructure includes onehost Nodes with NVLINK (Up to 4 GPU in NVLINK), RDMA over Infinityband (up to 100gbps) with up to 30 Nodes in network, NAS with up to 100Tb space. We provide help in configuration of Hadoop Yarn GPU cluster for Bigdata processing or DeepSpeed distributed Deep Neural Network training

Request custom GPU Server or Cluster