Instances or Servers

All our infrastructure for rental are Bare metall servers. It means you will get all the available performance from rented server and there are no virtualization overheads. Instance is a term from virtualization technology, it is not applicable for our services.

What hardware is required for modern Deep learning calculations?

Main requirements for hardware related to GPU connection to CPU via PCI-express lines. At least 8x PCI-E v3 connection is required to keep GPU running without bottlenecks in performance. Other requirements mostly specific to the task, but generally RAM is required more then total VRAM(total video memory) on server. Power CPU is not always required for calculcations. On our site different servers are presented with more or less powerfull CPU, RAM, GPU to meet different calculation requirements.

Accepted payments

We currently accept PayPal invoicing, Bitcoin payment, Etherium payments

Refunds and money backs

We can provide money refunds for the rental service in case of infrastructure problem. Such as unexpected shutdown, Number of cards reduced (GPU fallout) or other issues. Maximum rental duration for refund is 12 hours. Please inform us at ordering@gpurental.com with indicating rental ID and problem description you are experiencing.

Operating system

Currently we provide specially created for Deeplearning image that is based on Ubuntu 18.04.1. In nearest other images will be available. Please feel free to let us know which image meets your needs. ordering@gpurental.com

Are servers secured from 3rd parties?

All our servers are private and isolated from each other by firewalls. By default only 2 ports are open to access your server : ssh and rdp, other ports are behind firewall. For each rental session we restore initial OS image, so previous session results never affect following sessions.

How do you bill rental services?

Before using our services you should topup your balance at minimum amount of 5USD. Optionally you are able to apply for trial (0.5 USD that is usually enough to rent server for on hour). After you start your rental, system will estimate the time when your balance will be 0. If you reach 0 balance, system stopping all active rentals. Once rental is stopped by system or user, final rental cost is calculated and charged from user balance.